Volunteers have been at the heart of our work since the inception of SKT Welfare 10 years ago.

Their unrelenting enthusiasm and hard work arising from their compassion towards humanity is what has propelled the charity’s fundraising efforts to such success, and allowed us to make a lasting impact on the many lives that their efforts touch. Volunteerism is the glue that binds people with their surroundings and the global community, through which SKT Welfare is breaking down barriers between individuals living in the UK, Europe, US and those in need around the world. Connected by their humanity and a deep desire to serve, volunteers are gifted with a perspective and an empathy that can be attained in few other ways.

Our volunteers are at the forefront when it comes to organising innovative fundraising challenges, marathons, dinners, tea parties, skydiving, zipline; as well as setting up their own initiatives to raise funds for their chosen projects.

Other opportunities exist to get involved with in-office volunteering, and even to directly experience aid delivery via our Volunteer Abroad (deployment) programme. There are endless ways to help and the SKT Welfare team will embrace and nurture your zeal to become a global change agent.

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Volunteer Abroad (Deployment)

Join our team of volunteers on our ‘Volunteer Abroad Program’. SKT welfare has several years experience in arranging and creating a fun and fulfilling experience. Many of our volunteers have returned multiple times on our program. It is a life-changing experience! Enabling you to truly understand the issues faced by refugees and the most vulnerable in Turkey with Syrian refugees, Bangladesh with Rohingya Refugees and Pakistan.

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